Our team consists of the best experienced and highly qualified translators, providing a translation of documents or texts into your native or foreign language. You need it A.S.A.P. No problem, we get it. Our managers will make everything possible to submit your documents on time.
Our company provides a high quality translation due to large experience in a field, we have been working since 2007 continuously improving organizational structure of our company, quality control system of services, we are looking to cooperate with experienced translators and work only with the best.
Quality control process consists of several stages, designed to reduce the risk of errors or avoid vague sentence. In case of questionable situations, we always try to satisfy the requirements of our clients and provide the highest quality service.

If you need to know the exact price and completion date of your translation – mail us at email:

Standard Documents Translation
           birth certificate
           marriage certificate
           bank statements
           diplomas etc.
Legal Translation
Medical Translation
Technical Translation
Marketing Translation
Financial Translation

Apostille - is a stamp or printed form consisting of 10 numbered standard fields. It is placed for legalization of official documents for submitting documents to the institutions of foreign countries. Apostille service – is a simplified procedure for legalization of documents, which operates exclusively between the countries which signed the Hague Convention in 1961.
In Ukraine Apostille stamp is put only on the documents issued by the competent authorities of Ukraine. On foreign documents Apostille stamp is put in those countries where the document was issued. You can go through the process yourself, or save time and nerves and leave this job for our specialists.
Apostille stamp is placed to: Apostille stamp on documents issued by Civil Registration (birth certificate, marriage certificate, an extract from the state register of civil status, etc.), notarial documents (statements, powers of attorney, notarized copies, etc.) is placed by the Ministry of Justice.
Apostille stamp on certificates, diplomas, supplements and other educational documents is placed by the Ministry of Education and Science.
Apostille stamp on certificate of no criminal record, certificates from local service centers, certificate of residence registration and other documents are placed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Terms for apostilling documents:
the Ministry of Justice: 1 to 5 working days;
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 2 to 5 working days; to 20 working days in case it is necessary to receive more information from the institution that issued the document.
the Ministry of Education: 1 to 40 working days, depending on the document type and urgency.

Cost for apostille stamp depends on the document type and preparation term, you can get accurate information by calling us or sending an email:

Consular legalization

Consular legalization - is a list of specified official procedures carried out in order to provide document with legal force issued in one country for submitting to the authorities of another country. Such type of legalization is needed if the country whose authorities where you want to submit your document, is not listed as the member of countries signed the Hague Convention in 1961, that is does not recognize the apostille />
Stages of consular legalization:
• affixing a stamp in the Ministry of Justice
• affixing a stamp in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• translation with notarial certification
• affixing a stamp of consulate (embassy) of required country

Cost for legalization depends on the document type and preparation term, you can get accurate information by calling us or sending an email:

Police clearance certificates

It’s simple!

Need a police clearance certificate?

Send a photo or scan of your passport of citizen of Ukraine and identification code to [email protected] or to VIBER, WHATSAPP or TELEGRAM, after payment, wait for the agreed period and get your certificate in our office or by mail.

Job for translators

We value responsibility, punctuality, high level of native and foreign language knowledge, willingness to work and self-improvement, if you have all these characteristics - send us your CV


Do I need to notarize my translation?

This is necessary when you are planning to submit a translation of a document to any state or local authorities for the purpose of registering a place of residence, issuing a birth certificate, obtaining a duplicate or any certificate, etc. For personal purposes or to get acquainted with the content of the document, the signature of the translator and the seal of the translation agency will be enough.

When can my translation be ready?

Translation of standard documents (passport, birth / marriage / death certificate, certificate no more than 1 page, except for medical documents) is performed today-for-today or for the next business day. We will inform you about the deadline for other translations after you send a photo of the document to [email protected] or to VIBER, WHATSAPP or TELEGRAM.

Do I need a police clearance certificate?

You may need police clearance certificate to perform certain actions or exercise your rights abroad (applying for a job, applying for a visa to travel abroad to participate in a tender, adopting, establishing guardianship, obtaining citizenship, issuing or updating documents, etc.).

Can someone else pick up my transfer?

Your translation can be picked up by any person to whom you entrust this, for this you do not need a power of attorney, you only need to warn us about it, this person only needs to know the name of the document and the surname in the document.

Do I really need an apostille?

It is best to clarify the requirements for processing your documents in advance with the authority where you are planning to submit them.